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“It’s time to plan the Blowout Bug Jamboree! But first, each bug must be measured so the carpenter ants can build a giant surprise. Through brightly colored, cut- and torn-paper collages reminiscent of Lois Ehlert’s and Eric Carle’s artwork, beetles, bees, ladybugs, and other insects are measured in ant lengths. The insects are shown in charts and graphs, with the ants providing commentary on the data to reinforce the information. The text is bold and large, allowing the book to be shared with a group, and the ants pose plenty of questions, lending well to audience participation. Just when readers have grasped the idea, the bugs move on to wondering how many bugs will come to the jamboree, and this data appears in a pie graph. In the end, all of their hard work pays off in a multipage spread. This introduction of measuring, graphing, and comparison, along with the different types of insects, makes this an interdisciplinary hit that will inspire teachers and students alike.”

— Erin Linsenmeyer, Booklist