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Bob Loves Visiting Schools and Libraries

In your K–6 classroom, auditorium or library, Bob Barner opens up the world of art, music and books with his fun, energetic presentations. Each presentation will be tailored to the grade level of the students. Bob will read his books, draw along to the songs Dem Bones and To Everything that has inspired two of his books and present the art to the school library.

He encourages all of the students to keep a journal with their own ideas for a masterpiece. He will also talk about the teacher who encouraged him to write and draw when he was a student. Bob will discuss the book making process from idea to printed titles. Would you like to know something about writing, having ideas, or making art? Bob also can do a collage or a writing session with smaller groups of students or a professional development workshop with the teachers.

To learn more about author visits, download the PDF. To schedule Bob for your school, library or conference, please use the Contact Form or send an email to

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Teachers Kits

Bob has fun activities to go along with many of his books

Teachers Kits


Bob’s books have been made into fun animated movies


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What Others Have Said…

“Bob Barner is the Bay Area’s most exciting illustrator and author for children.  His books are alive with fun facts. His illustrations are unique and engaging. My students always love his books.

Bob has been a presenter at Asilomar’s Santa Clara County Reading Conference for many years. He presents a hands-on collage making workshop. The attendees love it. His class is always full.  He also does a fireside chat.

Bob has come and presented at my school and the students love him. He has some of his books on tape and some on DVD. He also has puzzles and games. My students love all of them.  I teach my students to do collage art like Bob Barner for their nonfiction work.” 

Alice Brewster
First Grade teacher, Frost School, Oak Grove School District, San Jose, CA
Past President Santa Clara County Reading Council

Dear Mr. Barner,

Hello! We are the room 22 Ladybugs! We REALLY like your books because the pages are so colorful and pretty! The words are all over the place!  Thanks you for coming to visit!

Love, Miss Brink’s Class
Ponderosa Elementary School
Sunnyvale, CA

“Hafa Adai!

We’re so glad you’ve brought Dem Bones of yours to us here in Guam.”

5th Grade Room 2,Mr. San Nicholas’s class
Daniel Perez School, Guam

“Bob Barner makes non-fiction writing come to life during his entertaining presentations. He plays the guitar and draws to music, keeping young audiences rapt. Classrooms and hallways are now decorated with books and collages made by students imitating Barner’s vibrantly colored work. Our students are asking, ‘When will Mr. Barner will come back?'”

Monica Schroder, Elementary School Librarian
American Embassy School, New Delhi, India

“I cannot say enough about Bob Barner’s presentations. Bob’s unique combination of writing and drawing skills leave students inspired and amazed. When the music starts and he begins bringing his characters to life the children’s excitement is ecstatic. “

Suzanne Allen
Federal Programs Coordinator
Hoxie, Arkansas